Best Night of Beisbol

Dominican Day at Kauffman Stadium, June 25

June 25 had been a sweltering summer day -- perfect for the infusion of south-of-the-border exhilaration that took over at Kauffman Stadium that night. For the first time, two Major League teams managed by natives of the Dominican Republic -- our own Tony Peña and Detroit's Luis Pujols -- were meeting on the field. Hipolito Mejia, the president of the Dominican Republic, and his entourage of uniformed bodyguards flew in to celebrate Dominican Day at Kauffman Stadium. Before the usual "Star-Spangled Banner," a local woman sang the Dominican national anthem. Bands played brassy, percussive Latin music in the concourses while fans climbed the concrete stairs waving red-white-and-green Dominican flags. A Dominican TV reporter (he wore purple sunglasses at night) posed for multiple takes of a report from the stands. The Royals even won. And for a few fast hours, our town felt important, like an international city.
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