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556 Central Avenue | Kansas City, Kansas |

On the southern tip of Strawberry Hill, in Kansas City, Kansas, a small old Central Avenue grocery has been converted into ... well, what is FOKL? Art gallery? All-purpose hangout spot? Performance space? It is, essentially, whatever its founders and organizers — a handful of enthusiastic young creatives who run it in their spare time — decide it is on any given night. Most notably, though, it is a sanctuary for the city's avant-garde music acts, a place where long drones of guitars and synthesizers are not just tolerated but also encouraged, where an insane-looking man wielding a theremin is afforded center stage. In May, FOKL hosted KC Psychfest, a three-day gathering of 30 or so out-there local acts. We hope they do it again next year. The weirder the better, as far as we're concerned.

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