Best New Neighborhood Bar

Lew's Grill and Bar

What makes a good neighborhood bar? Well, in addition to the time it takes to attain regular status (when the bartender asks whether you want your drink of choice when you walk in the door), we'd say it takes a good number of TVs for watching the game, congenial bartenders and a laid-back crowd that's not concerned about who's wearing the latest tube top or striped, button-down shirt. And a good location with ample parking is a bonus in this town. Which is why we're fans of Lew's, which contains all of these attributes. Located at 75th and Wornall and owned by the sons of Parks Commissioner Bob Lewellen, this bar serves up martinis and beer with equal ease, but its main attraction lies in its strong group of amenable regulars, which is really the main factor that defines a neighborhood bar.

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