Johnnie's on Seventh

Critics' Choice

A solid neighborhood bar seems like a simple thing to execute, and yet there are far fewer of them in Kansas City than one might imagine. Generally speaking, such a place requires, in descending order of importance: cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, a pool table, good music, free popcorn, a foosball table. We are also partial to wooden interiors — the older, the better. Johnnie's on Seventh covers all these bases. It's a true blue-collar joint, like many old-school KCK bars. But it's a little more welcoming. For one, there's a lot of laughter — particularly on Monday nights, when, as part of the local Pro Wrestling Appreciation Society's weekly meeting, you can catch legends like Ric Flair "wooooo"ing around a ring on the TVs. The old-timers are friendly, the hipsters know their place in the pecking order, and the well whiskey is Old 1889 — our favorite. It's the type of neighborhood bar where you don't even have to live nearby to call the place your own.

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