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Glenwood Arts

Any theater that showed the 2005 release of Pride & Prejudice benefited from the halo effect: Keira Knightley's cheeks could light up the dankest of movie houses. The Glenwood Arts has more going for it than sumptuous Jane Austen adaptations, though. A three-screen theater specializing in art films, the Glenwood provides a tasteful, comfortable setting for the viewing of nonblockbusters. When they opened the theater in 2002, twins Brian and Ben Mossman and Wade Williams looked to the past, scavenging the seats in the main auditorium from the original Glenwood a few blocks north. The chandelier in the lobby came from an opera house, and the couches were pulled from the Granada Theatre. Those warm touches differentiate the Glenwood from the likes of AMC's multiplexes (though that company has upped the art-film count at its theaters). Celebrities have begun to take notice of the suburban answer to the Tivoli. Last year, actor and director Campbell Scott showed up to introduce two of his movies, The Dying Gaul and Off the Map. Plus, audiences aren't hit with a seemingly endless barrage of previews and commercials (ahem, Cinemark).
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