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Liver Cleanse Tonic, Füd

813 West 17th Street | 816-785-3454 |

The ancient Egyptians used garlic as a seasoning and as medicine. (Cloves of the fragrant herb reportedly were given to the slaves laboring on the great pyramids to increase stamina and strength.) Restaurateur Heidi VanPelt-Belle uses garlic as a powerful ingredient in an oddly refreshing beverage, which she sells as Liver Cleanse Tonic. The drink looks like a fruit smoothie and is — sort of. Orange and lemon juices are blended with garlic, olive oil and cayenne for a tart, slightly spicy and seriously garlicky detoxifying potion. After a night of heavy boozing, a glass of this concoction leaves you smelling like Hippocrates (he loved garlic — who knew?) but relatively clearheaded and animated, practically ready to start stacking 33,000-pound stones.

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