Best Media Spat

WHB 810 vs. The Kansas City Star

Sports-talk station WHB 810 regularly routs its main competitor, KCSP 610, in the ratings. In the spring, 810 host Kevin Kietzman complained on the air that The Kansas City Star was missing a great story by not devoting more coverage to 810's dominance. Kietzman took particular offense at a ratings-roundup story written largely from 610's vantage point. A few weeks later, Star columnist Jason Whitlock accused Kietzman, a former colleague, of feeling "bulletproof" and suggested that the afternoon-drive star was ready for a fall. Kietzman was on vacation when the column appeared; when he returned, he described Whitlock in terms that made the plus-size instigator sound sad and pathetic. Kietzman and Whitlock at least agree on one thing: 610 is an embarrassment.

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