Best Media Provocateur

Jim "The Blind Guy" Hoschek

Before losing his eyesight in 1997, Hoschek wasn't much of a radio listener. "I was a voracious reader," he says. "But as a visually impaired man, I've come to love radio. It's theater for the mind." Hoschek is a frequent caller to local radio talk shows, nearly always introducing himself as "the Blind Guy." He has many opinions on an equally diverse array of subjects, some more outrageous than others, and he's most often audible on KCUR 89.3's Up to Date and Central Standard and KKFI 90.1's Urban Connections and Jaws of Justice programs. He even admits a grudging fondness for KMBZ 980's mouthy Darla Jaye. But mostly he steers clear of AM radio. "I give them, maybe, five minutes a month just to keep up," Hoschek says. "But the topics never change."

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