Best Mechanical Bull

PBR Big Sky Bar

One big stud in the Power & Light District is guaranteed to get some action every night. In fact, men and women line up for a chance to straddle him, even though he doesn't seem to like it much. He's Norman, the itinerant mechanical bull at PBR Big Sky Bar. He resides in the center of the bar in a wooden pen that has a cushy air-mattress floor. An exhilarating stint on his back may last just a couple of seconds as he zips up and down and side to side in a quest to send his rider flying. Rides are always free and sometimes include the chance to win free drinks, but there's a reason you have to sign a waiver before you try to tame Norman. He's a real bruiser. Between the thigh clenching that's required to stay on and the awkward landing when he inevitably bucks you off, you could end up with a limp. But you'll limp with the pride of a real urban cowboy or cowgirl.

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