Best Margarita

Le Mother's Milk

If we could lactate tequila, would we ever need to leave the house? Well, we still would need limes. And salt. And a nifty bartender like Jon Gerner to mix up amazing cocktails in Grand St. Café's cool glass martini shakers. So we might as well leave the house, lactation or no, and order up Le Mother's Milk Margarita at the bar. It's made with a tequila called Sauza Tres Generaciones (hence the mother in the milk), Cointreau and fresh lime juice, not that sugary, fluorescent yellow glop some places mistake for margarita mix. And though Grand St. Café is a far cry from anything remotely Latino -- there isn't a tortilla chip in the house -- for a gringo-made margarita in a martini shaker, it's damned bueno.

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