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Chuck Haddix

In some cities, a Friday or Saturday night at home just feels lame. In Kansas City, it means catching some blues and jazz on Chuck Haddix's Fish Fry on KCUR 89.3. So when we heard that Haddix had co-authored a book with New Yorker Frank Driggs on the history of Kansas City jazz, we were excited. Sitting down with Kansas City Jazz, From Ragtime to Bebop, we were ready to learn a lot and fully prepared to wash it all down with a shot of local pride. The book went far beyond our expectations. Long-forgotten characters came to life as people and as musicians. Kansas City's audiences during various eras came to life, too. Reading, you can almost feel what it was like to live here when that intemperate Kansas City spirit was at its most alive and well. A music history that once felt like a myth actually becomes real -- and significant -- once you've read the book. Plus, it's a hell of an entertaining story. That's a lot to pull off in one book, and it took years of reporting and research. We just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to one of our favorite radio personalities for a writing job well done.
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