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Price Chopper

Price Chopper commercials with the Chiefs have been a great tradition in Kansas City. High in not only production value but camp value as well, they have entertained us between quarters for years. Among the classics: The close-up of a giant Neil Smith towering over Arrowhead and, better yet, the commercial with Marty Schottenheimer drawing out a play and giving a pep talk to a group of butchers. The newest Price Chopper commercials are chock-full of funny moments, from KC Wolf hiking a bottle of barbeque sauce into a cart, his googly eyes rolling crazily, to the cheerleaders holding up various garish cakes with Chiefs slogans written in icing while Bill Grigsby laughs it up. But the kicker is when KC Wolf is unmasked and he turns out to be ... Lamar Hunt! The owner of the Chiefs is the mascot!
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