Best Life-Affirming Restaurant

Café Gratitude

333 Southwest Boulevard
816-474-5683 |

What's that? You're depressed? blue? bloated with self-doubt? Say no more. Here is a restaurant that not only fills your stomach but also illuminates your earthly existence in a "celebration of aliveness." As soon as your server brings you a dairy-free mocha milkshake and tells you that you're eternally blessed — that's the name of the shake: "I Am Eternally Blessed" — you'll feel as lovable and extraordinary as Puff the Magic Dragon. Café Gratitude is a locally owned outpost of a successful California restaurant operation serving vegan, raw and organic food where the dishes have no names, just affirmations. Why settle for just any corn tamale when you can eat "I Am Trusting"? It's clearly no place for cynical types, but after a sip or two of the "consciousness expanding" beverage "I Am Immortal," negativity and anger simply vanish in a haze of positive ions.

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