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Midwestern Unconventional Sports Association

Bullhorn-toting Bruce Copeland deserves all of the credit for giving Kansas City kickballers more game for less money. While another league in town charges $75 for a season of play, MUSA is a little less than half that, plus the games last seven innings instead of five. And the money isn't just going for red-rubber balls and ball fields; your green also pays for a couple of rowdy mid- and postseason parties. Copeland somehow wrangled the most coveted kickball fields in the city — Penn Valley Park's diamonds — on the most coveted night, Thursday. The games under the lights are fast, boozy and fun. Drinking is encouraged. (Sliding probably should be forbidden.) The league is (mostly) free of unnecessary competitiveness, and the red-rubber balls are smaller and easier to rock for inside-the-park homers.

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