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Bollywood Indian Bistro

Restaurants all over the metro serve Indian and Pakistani cuisine, but none do so with more dazzle than the Bollywood Indian Bistro. Located in a new shopping center in Independence, this unusual restaurant combines the taste of Northern India with strong musical and visual components. A large monitor plays film clips from the sumptuously staged musical spectacles that Indian audiences adore. Big-budget movie musicals may have lost their mass appeal in the United States, but in India (where 23 million people go to the movies every day), it's almost a religious experience to watch beautiful young performers expertly lip-synching their way around ancient temples, lush valleys and glossy studio sets. There's something stimulating about nibbling on sensual chicken methi or fragrant lamb biryani while watching sexy actors writhing around -- but never actually kissing, heaven forbid. After a few bits of hot, puffy poori drizzled with cool mint chutney, you might feel tempted to kiss someone. Just not the waiters, please.
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