Best Inadvertent Whistle-Blower

Sandra Rayford

The Port Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, is a relatively obscure city agency. When it makes news, the news tends to be bad. A former chairman, for instance, was once discovered to have taken bribes from a casino company. More recently, it was the Port Authority's general counsel who put the agency on the front page of The Kansas City Star for all the wrong reasons. The attorney, Bill Session, operated an excavation company that did nearly $10 million in grading work on land the Port Authority sold to a developer. The no-bid contract looked a little too sweet to Sandra Rayford, who monitors compliance with affirmative action goals at the Economic Development Corporation, the Port Authority's parent agency. Rayford voiced her concerns. When that went nowhere, she typed up a comprehensive memo. Rayford's account eventually found its way to people who give information to reporters. The subsequent stories led to a shake-up at the agency. Suffice it to say that the Session Law Firm is no longer the Port Authority's general counsel.

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