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The Kansas City Royals' Triple Play

Tampa Bay Devil Ray Aubrey Huff may want an asterisk by the Royals' June 11 triple play at Kauffman Stadium, but it doesn't matter what he thinks. Huff's the reason that the Royals recorded their first triple play in a decade. (The last was on April 3, 1996.) In the top of the second inning, the Devil Rays led the Royals 1-0. With runners on the corners, Devil Rays outfielder Russell Branyan hit a fly ball to center field. Royals outfielder David DeJesus made the catch and fired the ball home, where Huff scurried to score. The ball sailed over the catcher's head. Luckily, Royals pitcher Scott Elarton was playing safety and caught the ball. Meanwhile, Rocco Baldelli tagged first and took off toward second. Elarton gunned him down at second. Shortstop Angel Berroa made the play and then chucked the ball to Mark Teahen at third base for the final out. Apparently, Huff had never tagged up at third after DeJesus' catch. The Royals argued their case to the third base umpire, who agreed. Too bad it didn't matter. The Devil Rays went on to score eight runs, including six homers, for an 8-2 victory. <
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