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Cosentino's Market Downtown

The revival of the American downtown has been doomed, in many cities, by a lack of everyday grocery stores. But Kansas City got it right, making sure its newly shiny downtown came with a place to stock up: Cosentino's. It doesn't hurt that the store is a veritable palace. Where other stores beam depressing fluorescent lighting, Cosentino's floor-to-ceiling windows and bright suspended bulbs illuminate foodstuffs beautifully. Dionysian murals keep watch over the affordable wine selection, and an intricate vined handrail leads you upstairs to a cozy dining area peppered with flat-screen TVs. And, oh, the things you'll eat! In addition to the usual grocery-store suspects, you can get lots of stuff fresh, from sushi to gelato to the smorgasbord of prepared food spanning the length of the entire store. With fresh flowers, handmade truffles and even Cosentino's T-shirts for the diehards, there's enough here to keep downtown dwellers coming back, not just once a week but several times a day.

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