Best Girly Drink

Moscow Mule at McCoy's

Ordering a Cosmo and a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake can make an otherwise-awesome girl seem like a prissy bitch. So for those who want to get tipsy without actually tasting the booze, the Moscow Mule from McCoy's is a happy middle ground between the Buttery Nipple and its machete-wielding Mexican cousin, Jose Cuervo. The 60-year-old Moscow Mule features vodka, ginger beer and lime juice on the rocks and tastes subtly sweet, fizzy and refreshing, like the Shark Week of ginger ale. It's also served in a shiny copper mug, so it feels fancy without saying you like both Sex and the City films and without implying that you'll cry to a Lifetime movie while nursing your hangover the next morning.

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