Best Four-Legged Columnist

Bunny the News Hound, Northeast News

Her column might not offer the most biting news about what's going on in her neighborhood, but Bunny the News Hound is as reliable as a best friend. Each week, she fetches little treats of information from her backyard, the historic northeast area of Kansas City. Her column in the Northeast News is mostly tail-wagging stuff -- businesses opening and closing, kids earning scholarships, block parties -- good news Bunny digs up when she's out sniffing around. But occasionally, she claws her way into some good dirt and picks a bone about the occasional mutt who stinks up the neighborhood with its doo-doo: Bunny's not afraid to protect her turf with a mean little bark, as she did recently with the foul-mouthed Michele Hensley. Bunny's not a snobby show dog, either, always prancing around and showing off. She's just plain loyal to her readers. That's why we're giving her this pat on the back.
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