Best Family Restaurant

Fun House Pizza

9120 East 350 Highway, Raytown | 816-356-5141

The family that's about to saddle up for a night out must consider the availability of the following at their restaurant of choice: a variety of foods for picky eaters, video games for children, cold beer for the adults who aren't driving, and plenty of room to get to and from your table with kid carriers and birthday presents. Well, check, check, check and check: Fun House Pizza, open since 1964 in Raytown, has all that. Besides its $7 domestic pitchers, good pizza, 25-cent toys in plastic bubbles, and air hockey, the place just plain bumps every Friday and Saturday night. That's when the stage is open for family-friendly karaoke. Don't have a kid? Bring your parents, sit back with a $4.50 Crown Royal cocktail and a slice of bacon-cheeseburger pizza, and watch how the locals do it. A trip to Fun House Pizza is nostalgic and guaranteed clean, cheap fun for all.

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