Best Expression of Country Chic

Stroud's South Restaurant

Busboys at Stroud's sport shirts proclaiming the legendary KC restaurant's unforgettable slogan: "We choke our own chickens." Double-entendre aside, the Chicken Choker is no joke. The smooth, fruity beverage by that name goes down easy as sweet lemonade on a summer afternoon. Bartender Joe Latona, who's been slinging drinks at the 5410 Northeast Oak Ridge Drive location for 25 years, invented the drink soon after he started. The Chicken Choker contains light and dark rum, fruit juice and blackberry brandy. For $14.99, the liquor comes in a big ceramic chicken with straws for everyone at the table. Single servings are also available for $4.50, but you don't get to sip your booze from a chicken.

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