Best Excuses to Break Out the Brylcreem

Rockabilly Prom and Rockabilly Luau

Given the '50s style of rockabilly culture -- pencil skirts, Bettie Page bangs, western shirts and pompadours -- it's no surprise that local aficionados of the genre organized two theme events that showcased awesome bands as well as great people watching. In February, the Rockabilly Prom took place at Californos, where ladies in swishy dresses and guys in western suits and Colonel Sanders ties could pose for their prom pictures against a backdrop with a plant and a case of PBR. Then, in June, there was the Rockabilly Luau at Benders, where Hawaiian garb barely covered impressive tattoos, and rockabillies drank fruity drinks such as the Hawaiian Punch (amaretto, vodka, rum, crème de banane, OJ, pineapple juice and grenadine). At both events, a dinner buffet was included in the ticket price, which just added coolness points. Besides, when you're getting blitzed on PBR or a very strong tropical punch, getting food in your system is probably a good idea.

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