Best Emerging Artist

Miles Neidinger

Miles Neidinger impresses our socks off. The thing that sucks is how hard it is to describe what he does in a way that comes close to conveying the experience of seeing what he does. We can only do our best: Miles Neidinger changes reality. He doesn't heal the sick or allow the blind to see -- nothing like that. Hell, unless he's been holding out on us, he can't even change water into wine. But he can make bikes look like liquid. He can make glossy magazine pages sitting together on the floor look like a cushy, fluffy mattress. Under his spell, cold metal hangers look smooth and inviting (and more than a little sexual) as they form curving, cavernous passageways in gallery hallways actually formed by 90 degree angles. Sounds sort of simple, huh? Yeah. That's why it's visual art. It works best when you're looking at it.
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