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Ryan from The Office may not know where Silicon Prairie is (it is absolutely not in southwest Ohio), but we do. And so do the diligent writers and editors of Silicon Prairie News, the Omaha-headquartered wire that keeps tabs on the tech triangle of Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City. SPN covers the startups in the heart of the Midwest. The reporting is sure and smart, delivered in a tone that's supportive and optimistic, not cheerleader-ish. The news site has so far done without an entrenched presence in KC, but it's coming. In September, the Kauffman Foundation announced a deal with SPN to sponsor its website, events (including Big Omaha and Thinc Iowa) and more. In that "more": a Big Omaha-style confab for KC in 2013. That glow on the horizon is a Silicon Prairie fire.

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