Taqueria El Torito

Critics' Choice

Call it street food if you must, but the simple, meaty $1 taco at this tidy East Side space elevates a food-truck staple to another level. These are tacos worth sitting down to eat. The meat in Taqueria El Torito's dishes (burritos, tortas, platters) comes right from the carniceria next door, so it's fresh. Whether you go for asada, pollo, carnitas, chorizo, cabeza or lengua (or, for 50 cents more, tripe), it's delicately seasoned and tucked into a flour or corn tortilla with chopped onion and fresh cilantro. The food looks as delicious as it tastes, and the aroma alone ensures that your takeout bag stands a slim chance of making it all the way home with the same contents.

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