Best DJ/Producer

Miles Bonny

Even though his SoundsGood partner, Joe Good, branched off, Miles Bonny didn't recede into the background. In a series of moves that would make Beck jealous, Bonny rediscovered jazz and vocal R&B and still maintained a presence on the scene through DJ sets at the Peanut and the Hangout (where his feelsexy night covered listeners in the kind of satin-sheet hip-hop that too often gets thrown in the hamper these days). Bonny hooked up with jazz pianist John Brewer to uncover depths of his soul that might have remained hidden had he cloistered himself behind the turntables. Bonny also produced portions of his old partner's fantastic Hi May I Help You? mix and worked with breakout rapper Gunn Jakc to create a concrete-heavy debut, 144 Killahurtz. Somebody better buy Bonny some Velcro, because pretty soon he won't even have time to tie his shoe.
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