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Dave's Stagecoach Inn

Dave's Stagecoach Inn has all the hallmarks of a classic dive bar. It is, after all, "Your first stop after parole," according to its souvenir T-shirts. Cheap, potent drinks? Check. The best jukebox in town? Definitely. Mellow atmosphere, dim lighting and air that absolutely reeks of smoke? Of course. Dave's has been a Kansas City institution since 1952 (and a Westport mainstay since 1972). The crowd varies from grizzled lushes during the day to indie-rock types at night, all of whom are seduced by the joint's dingy charm. We recommend going for its Thursday jukebox-roulette night; from 9 p.m. to midnight, clues are posted once an hour about a particular song. When someone figures out the song and plays it on the jukebox, the bar gets a round. Because what's better than drinking for cheap at Dave's? Drinking for free at Dave's.
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