Best Crushworthy Local Celebrity (Male)

Steve Chamraz, KCTV Channel 5

With his chocolate-brown hair and eyes and adorable dimples, Steve Chamraz, chief investigative reporter for KCTV Channel 5 news, can be our morning anchor anytime. What makes him more attractive, though, is that this thorough journalist is more than just a pretty boy. He's covered some of the hottest stories in recent history, such as the 2000 presidential recount. According to his bio, he enjoys "listening to a good band, reading, cooking, biking and baseball," and his favorite movie of all time is High Fidelity or Breakfast at Tiffany's. Hey, Steve -- you like reading; we like reading. You like cooking; we like eating. You like Breakfast at Tiffany's; we like jewelry from Tiffany's. Call us!
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