Best Crushworthy Local Celebrity (Female)

Emily Aylward, KMBC Channel 9

It's late on election night. Some former military man named "Taff" just won his Johnson County political heat. Now hundreds of Kansas City males who usually would be ogling Brooke Burke, sexy host of Wild On, are instead eyeballing Emily Aylward, Channel 9 news kitten. She looks a bit tired from the long day's work, but in a cute way. Then she says something about being tired! Actually says she wants to go home! How hardcore is that? God, she's sexy. Bet she still parties. Drinks gin. Shoots some occasional pool. She looks like Marsha Brady only better, like the actress who played Marsha Brady in that spoof Brady movie. But now Aylward's report is over, and the screen fills with the head of some anchor-voiced moron at the station. And like a switch, hundreds of Kansas City males return to Wild On. They watch, heartbroken, as buxom beauty Burke turns in one of her final performances before the E! Channel tries to replace her, which it never truly will, at least not in the loyal minds of so many lonely weekday boys.
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