Best Conspiracy Theorist

Jack Cashill

Kansas City writer Jack Cashill didn't jump on the birther bandwagon (that we know of). Instead, the pseudo-intellectual was too busy with his own conspiracy theory: that Dreams From My Father wasn't actually written by Barack Obama but rather by unapologetic Weatherman William Ayers. Cashill started the rumormongering in September of last year, just two months before the election, because there's no better time to smear a candidate. His crack literary detective work included comparing the writing in Dreams with that in Ayers' own memoir, Fugitive Days — except that Fugitive Days came out six years after Dreams. But they had to be written by the same person because of some similar imagery. No. The same words. No. (Cashill's theories were refuted at every turn, notably by Dreams' editor.) In a May 2009 piece for American Thinker, Cashill gave this reason for his suspicions: "The book was much too well written." Solid.

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