Best Concept in a Crap Economy


Not long after Paul Brown was laid off, the frustrated software engineer threw a glass against his living-room wall. The relief that he felt was soon muted by the irksome task of cleaning up. Enter Smash-N-Shatter, which opened this past spring. It was hard to convince a landlord to lease the space and even harder to find a company to insure him, but Brown says business has been brisk. It's pretty simple: Show up to the space in downtown Lee's Summit, fork over some cash, don some protective gear, and get to hurling glassware at a target in the Shatter Room. A modest 10 bucks buys a sample set of three dinner plates and two shot glasses. (You can destroy 30 dishes for $60.) In the separate Smash Room, guests obliterate a drywall panel with a baseball bat. That service costs $25, and you can bring your own photo of whatever — or whomever — you wish you could hit. As the company's motto says, "It's cheaper than therapy."

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