Best Comeback Album

Fat Tone, I'mma Get'cha

Most artists who make a "comeback" album are returning from a creative hiatus complicated by things like rehab, rhinoplasty or the grand jury testimony of a 14-year-old prostitute named for a foreign car. Kansas City rapper Fat Tone upped the ante with the release of I'mma Get'cha, his musical response to catching a bullet in a drive-by shooting. Tone's defiant sneer (and a guest appearance from Nate Dogg) made Get'cha the year's most notable local gangsta-rap album, and the line I keep some fat to protect me/Just in case a muthafucka wanna wet me was the best lyric to happen to chubby boyz in the 'hood since 50 Cent's I love you like a fat kid love cake.

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