Parisi Artisan Coffee

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After Pete Licata won the 2013 World Barista Championship in Melbourne, Australia, this past May, we asked him what was next. Simple, he said: Keep pushing Parisi "to the top of the coffee scene." Around here, we think Parisi — where Licata and everyone else in the company's two cafés and its roasting facility do journeyman work — is tops. Besides employing the No. 1 barista, you know, on the planet, it does the microroasting thing at a very competitive level and keeps those two coffee shops humming at a smooth pace without sacrificing a milligram of Great Plains friendliness. Perhaps best of all, though, Parisi's excellent bagged beans are in enough area grocery stores now that you can grab a pound for yourself in the long, lonely hours before dawn when more sensible types aren't even thinking about caffeine. Pshew!

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