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NewEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

"Classical" here is something of a misnomer -- complete misnomer, in fact. But what can we say? The members of NewEar sit behind music stands and play violins and shit, right? The sounds they produce, however, would have Bach wrinkling his nose and rubbing the inside of his ears with his fingers. So perhaps challenging is the best word to describe NewEar's music, which, apropos of the group's name, hits a part of the mind that rarely gets used in this entertainment-soaked culture. The ensemble's founding members are a cast of beloved, sound-obsessed locals: Mark Lowry, P. Alonzo Conway, Dr. Bruce Prince-Joseph (aren't they sounding like trouble already?) and the inimitable Rev. Dwight Frizzell. For his part, Frizzell is renowned for his work in experimental film and media, for being the first musician anywhere to employ an A-10 Warthog attack plane as an instrument, and for thinking probably way too much about "the time-shifting effects of black holes." And with their fellow musicians in NewEar, they not only write compelling original work but also bring to Kansas City music that can be heard nowhere else in the galaxy. Open your mind and hear NewEar's 13th season of four concerts this October through March 2006.
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