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Calvary Temple Baptist

We expect all churches to keep a focus on spirituality, but we keep an eye on how they deal with earthly issues, too. Humble as a pastor should be, Calvary Temple Baptist's Rev. Eric Williams says another church, Metropolitan Baptist, does a better job when it comes to promoting economic development, and St. Mark's Church has better child care. Still, for all-around programs, we're mighty impressed with Calvary Temple Baptist. An average of 50 preschoolers attend the church's child-care services every day, giving lower-income parents time to work without having to worry about day care. As part of its youth programs, the church helps kids develop skills in journalism, writing, photography, video editing and television production. The finished products are aired in a weekly program on Kansas City, Missouri's Time-Warner Channel 4. "It's not just building skill sets. It's allowing them to have a voice on the issues that affect them," Williams says. "They've interviewed folks like Bill Cosby and Judge Mathis." As much as we appreciate Williams training our future competition, it's the church's AIDS outreach that really moves us. Williams was one of the first ministers to deal with AIDS patients in the black community, and Calvary is still at the fore when it comes to educating people about the virus and getting those who are infected to academic and medical services that can help them. "It's not something that many churches have really grasped and led in," Williams says. "That's the one area I definitely can say we have."
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