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Tony Richardson

We've never heard Chiefs fullback Tony Richardson complain. Never heard him whine about his paycheck. Never heard him say he should get the ball more or that the ref made a bad call or that the team's kicker shouldn't kick the ball out of bounds or that the defense should be able to force the other team to punt at least one fucking time. For 10 years now, Richardson has just shown up every day to do his job. These days, that's busting holes for touchdown machine Priest Holmes, who arrived in 2001 to take Richardson's job as the team's featured back. In his off hours, "T-Rich" has hit the books; he finished his bachelor's degree four years ago and earned a master's degree in business administration this spring. He says he has designs on Carl Peterson's general manager job. We'd love to see it. We just hope he doesn't hang up the shoulder pads too soon.

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