$2 beers, Duke's on Grand

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Not too many downtown dwellers or office workers shed tears when Mizzou sports bar Willie's closed at Grand and Truman Road East. But those of us who work in the area were skeptical when another sports bar took its place. Duke's struggled initially with its small food menu, but the laid-back, brick-walled corner bar has done one thing right since it opened: $2 for all pints all day on Thursdays. In other words, it's the best lunch spot on Thursdays, even with mediocre food. If Mad Men can do three-martini lunches, then we figure we'll treat ourselves to the occasional four-pint lunch. Or an eight-pint lunch. And we should clarify that it's not technically all pints. Guinness and Stella Artois aren't included. (Still, there are Blue Moon and Deschutes Brewery's Chainbreaker.) We take full responsibility for the Stella exclusion. We abused the deal.

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