Best Business Card

"Tony K., Spiritual Consultant"

Tony Kemper's plain white business card sometimes shows up amid the band fliers in midtown coffee shops. It lists just his first name, occupation and phone number, followed by the phrase "By appt. only." The expanse of blank space conveys a mysteriousness that urges you to call and ask: What, exactly, are you ordering when you request a spiritual consultation? Tony wanted a flashier card, but the plain version was cheaper. And when the cards fail to lure customers for a tarot reading, his table and chairs in Westport work -- he places them strategically, within sight of four bars. Before setting up shop, Tony does a prereading to gauge what kind of night he's in for. "If there's anyone out there who's dysfunctional on a Friday night, it's here," he says of Westport. He'll stay out talking to strangers on the street until 2 a.m., regardless of how little money it brings him. "It's the only job I've had where I feel good afterwards."

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