Best Burnt Ends

L.C.'s Bar-B-Q

5800 Blue Parkway | 816-923-4484

The white bread at L.C.'s Bar-B-Q is a poorly designed dam about to be overrun by a cascade of burnt ends and tart sauce. To put it plainly, L.C.'s doesn't cheat you on the burnt ends. They're cut to order from a brisket that has been rubbed with garlic and salt and then smoked on hickory. They are, like the America that made them, unabashedly fatty. But this is the fat that gives your mouth a beautiful meat kiss, and in the moment after you take that first bite, the game trophies and the small television in the dining room fade from your vision. You have eyes only for the meat. If a few tears of ecstasy leak from your eyes, just tell people it's the smoke. They'll understand because, from time to time, it has gotten smoky for them, too.

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