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Aixois Brasserie

1006 Walnut | 816-474-0000 |

A glorious hamburger should be made from good beef, cooked to order and served on a fresh bakery bun. If there's a classy piece of fromage (not that waxy, processed "American" cheese) and caramelized onion, all the better. Chef Emmanuel Langlade creates an 8-ounce patty from ground chuck and brisket, grills it exactly to the customer's request, tops it with a slice of Gruyere or crumbles of tart Roquefort and a jumble of grilled onions, and tucks the whole thing into a fluffy Farm to Market egg bun. The fries at this downtown boîte are real pommes frites with garlic aïoli, so it's no ordinary spuds-and-sandwich deal but rather a French connection.

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