Best Buffet in a Town Where People Have a National Reputation for Pigging Out

Feast Around the World Buffet

It's not so much the quality of the food (which ranges from really tasty to utterly inedible) served in Station Casino's massive dining room that lures people to this buffet as it is the sheer quantity. It's like a fantasy -- piles of fried chicken, buckets of brisket, mounds of pasta, and more soft-serve ice cream than you could possibly eat in a lifetime. Not that people don't try to eat it all in one sitting. And that's another reason to demand a table right next to the buffet areas: It's a great people-watching spot: A grandmother with bleached blonde hair and hot pants waddles from the Viva Mexico area over to KC Country Barbecue barely balancing a plate that's already overflowing. A hairy, dreadlocked biker in a tank top and boots piles his third plate with pink peel-and-eat shrimp. Kids swarm around the dessert station like flies, greedily grabbing candy, cookies, and cakes to bring back to their tables.

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