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Thank God that sweet little Succotash finally expanded its mismatched tables and chairs into the space next-door. Beth Barden runs this River Market "brunchonette," and her cute waiters and waitresses (whom you probably saw the night before at an art show, in a burlesque troupe or in a band) wear chic, hand-stitched aprons and are quick with the coffee and smiles for your hung-over ass. And now there are plenty of seats for that ass. We're partial to Barden's spinach-and-smoked-salmon breakfast wrap, a green tortilla toasted with spinach, smoked salmon, egg, cream cheese and slippery-hot red onions. But if your friends prefer the basics, there's always pancakes or fluffy French toast, usually with a gourmet twist such as caramelized pears. Breakfast at Succotash doesn't make you want to crawl back into bed with your bulbous stomach -- instead, it gets you downtown, feeds you and sends you off to explore.
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