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Jason Rosenbaum

At a time when our daily paper barely covers the state Legislature — even though that's where politicians make decisions that affect regular people's lives more than anything happening at the federal or city levels — Jason Rosenbaum's Capitol Calling blog has become one of those indispensable "new media" outlets that's supposed to help save democracy. Reporting about politics is all about insider information, knowing where the action is in the madhouse at any given moment of any given day. Rosenbaum does it so well that lawmakers and lobbyists are half-convinced the blogger is telepathic. First as a reporter for the Columbia Daily Tribune and now a freelancer for Missouri Lawyers Weekly and the St. Louis Beacon, Rosenbaum doesn't miss anything. A conservative Republican compares health care with slavery? Rosenbaum has the audio. Electricity goes out in Jefferson City, throwing the cavernous halls into eerie darkness? Rosenbaum gets video, creepy music included. Unlike the drab stories in The Kansas City Star and skewed commentary of partisan Web sites, Rosenbaum's coverage lets citizens watch and listen to their representatives at work, revealing the drama and personalities of the political process without putting readers to sleep.

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