Best Barbecue: North

Wabash BBQ

Not many places have bikers dining next to 5-year-olds, all with their sleeves rolled up and sauce smeared on their cheeks. Wabash BBQ is worth the drive, whether sitting in a child seat or leaning over a pair of handlebars. The restaurant takes its name from its former purpose: The square brick building was the Wabash Railway Station, built 70 years before Jim and Cheri McCullough decided to open their barbecue restaurant in 1997. The original waiting room is now the main dining room. A secondary room, which last housed a dairy, serves as the bar. "We're always smoking something good. We've got an old-fashioned way of doing things," Jim McCullough says. The ribs are pleasantly smoky from hickory and apple wood, but the star attraction might be the Train Track Tenderloin — a massive, peppery, hand-breaded piece of pork that feeds a whole table. Both dishes should be slathered in the hot sauce. The potato salad will cool down your mouth, thanks to some well-deployed dill. So get that motor running.

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