Best Bar in Which to Be a Brunette


Maybe it's the fresh-pineapple-infused vodka playing tricks on our minds (damn you, tropical elixir!), but everywhere we look when we're at Aqua, we see various shades of brunette. And what are the chances of that happening in Kansas City, home of the "her roots are darker than her tan" phenomenon? Aqua itself is also quite colorful -- as its name implies, it's accented with a lot of blues, and its walls are reminiscent of a Sherwin Williams paint card. (As the Star's esteemed but now disappeared Club Scout once wrote, it's like being in "a party submarine." But of course! Who doesn't know what that's like?) The people watching is equally colorful; for example, we didn't think guys in their twenties and thirties really wore pinkie rings, but hey, we're cool with that. Just give us more fruity vodka, and we'll pretend we're not mocking your ring.

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