Best Bar for a Birthday Party

Firefly Lounge

We've all been there: the birthday party where everyone sits on either side of a long dinner table, and the guest of honor is so far away, you need binoculars. And you need a calculator to figure what you owe when the bill arrives. Screw that. The next time it's someone's birthday, suggest Firefly Lounge. There are comfy seating areas for your old friends, an outdoor deck for your smoking friends, a handsomely stocked bar for your high-roller friends, drink specials (even on weekends) for your broke friends, tons of attractive strangers for your single friends, and a rotating cast of the metro's best local DJs to help your fun friends get down. The place is so spacious, you can even invite the friends you've met only on Facebook. The former speakeasy recently got an easy-to-read sign for the front door, which is good news for your directionally challenged friends.

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