Best Band Reunion

The Pedaljets

It's one thing to get the band back together. But when the Pedaljets started jamming again after 20 years, the band members actually rewrote their own history. Rob Morrow, Mike Allmayer, Matt Kesler and Phil Wade never got over the disappointment of their second and final album, released in 1988. So with the help of Paul Malinowski, the band remixed, rerecorded and generally rethought its original self-titled effort and reissued it on OxBlood Records in May. The results: surprisingly fresh garage rock that remains rough in only the right ways. Plus, the 'Jets have been playing out a little since the new record was released, earning a few upcoming East Coast tour dates opening for Mercury Rev. The band's explosive live show is more proof that good rock can live on, even after an extended hiatus.

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