Best Ballsy Theater Company, Nonprofessional

Minds Eye Theatre

The Minds Eye folks will probably never live down the Caligula they brought us a few years back, but even though that existential nudie show might have shocked our parents, it's nothing compared with the school-shooting comedy from late this summer, a show not unsympathetic to the shooter and written by a high school student. That it didn't quite come off is irrelevant. What's remarkable is that it wasn't out of place in a season that featured the little-known sequel to The Miracle Worker, an interactive sock-hop murder mystery set in KCK, and the flat-out wonderful Sad Hotel (which featured company president Craig Aikman as Tennessee Williams himself). In fact, the least daring thing Minds Eye tried was a largely successful revival of Rocky Horror, a show so quaint these days that it might well be on its way to outrageousness again. The gang will be back in December with (they promise) a couple of dramas, a musical and "something odd." Good lord -- coming from them, what could that mean?
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