Best Alternative to Urban Outfitters


It's an election year, and things have officially gotten ugly -- even among the cutesy clothes at Urban Outfitters. For example, the faux-vintage T-shirts that read "Voting Is for Old People" in disco-style lettering weren't the only ones that got the store in trouble this year. One shirt festooned with dollar signs alongside the slogan "Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl" raised the hefty ire of the Anti-Defamation League. Dudes, that same style of clothing and accessories is for sale at a very tiny, locally run Kansas City boutique called Spool. There, T-shirts are designed by local artists such as Peregrine Honig, Seth Johnson and John Dretzka. The handbags and wallets are by cultworthy Portland designer Queen Bee. Owners Hadley Johnson and Cobi Newton won't try to keep anyone from voting, nor will they make anyone feel bad about their minority culture. They just want to see people wearing adorable short shorts or maybe felt flower pins. If you don't look good, they don't look good.

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